Debug android app in device wirelessly

20 Jul

We faces many issues with usb debugging. most of usb cable are not durable and get out of order after some time. so there is very simple method with which we can debug our android app in device wirelessly.

In Order to use android device without USB Cable. We need to connect our device with usb cable and computer. This is a one time process only.

Then in your mobile GoTo

CONNECTINONS > Mobile hotspot and tethering and enable USB tethering.

Now command promote or unix shell of your computer and type the following command.

adb tcpip 5555

Now remove USB cable from computer and mobile.

Now we need IP address of your mobile. to get api address of your mobile phone Open

Seitings > About phone > Status . 

Now you can see IP Address of your phone.


now at the command prompt or linux shell type command


You can see that your device has been connected to android studio.  Now you can debug your app in android studio without and USB cable.




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