Android toast example

25 Feb

Toast is a simple popup visible for a specific time period. Android toast could be used to show a feedback alert, validation message. message on completion of any operation. etc. We can show a Toast in an android app through … Read More »

Android bluetooth example

25 Apr

complete example of pair bluetooth devices . Scan and connect to bluetooth . learn print from android phone to bluetooth printer. Show bluetooth device list in alert dialog to choose from.

Android Start new activity with data

30 Mar

Intent intent = new Intent(getBaseContext(), SignoutActivity.class); intent.putExtra(“EXTRA_SESSION_ID”, sessionId); startActivity(intent); Access that intent on next activity String sessionId= getIntent().getStringExtra(“EXTRA_SESSION_ID”); to check if data is null if( getIntent().getExtras() != null) { //do here } 394 You have a few options: 1) Use … Read More »

ANDROID secret codes

9 Jan

ANDROID secret codes *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Immediate backup of all media files *#06# – IMEI number IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The IMEI or MEID number for your mobile phone acts as a unique identifier for that device. No two devices … Read More »