Contact Form

23 Jul

Contact form is the needed of all static and small websites. We have created a dynamic contact form. where user can create a contact form with his own choice of fields. This contact form has a power administration panel where … Read More »

Laravel Cache How to Clear

9 Mar

Laravel cache is very useful feature but sometime we need clear it. Real full tutorials about cache here Below commands can be used to clear all cache in laravel. Some we can face some issues in laravel like. we have … Read More »

Php database connection

13 Apr

mysql_pconnect() works most likely mysql_connect() with two major differences. First, at the time of connection, the function would try to find a persistent link that’s already open with the same server, username and password. If one is found, an identifier … Read More »

Php send email with attachment

18 Apr

The PHP mail() Function Dynamic websites sends various type of emails to their users on difference different type on events. Php is a very popular high level language which is used create dynamic web applications. Generally emails are sent on … Read More »